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"If they love your work that is always great. If they despise it, it is also a compliment... At least they felt something! Make them feel it." ~Anna Jorgenson

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who are your true friends?

Sometimes, you have a lot of friends in high school.

Sometimes, you keep them close after that bitter-sweet graduation ceremony.

Sometimes, you go to college.

And you make friends who will be there forever.

Friends who will be a part of your most special moments.

Sometimes, your best friend isn't the same age as you are...

Sometimes, your friends have your back no matter what.

<3 those friends make life worth it.

Sometimes, best friends have to go away for a while.

But they are always close to your heart.

I love my friends.
I consider them part of my family.
My family is my life.

What makes a best friend?
How do you know who will be there?

Who knows.

~miss Rae

Sunday, November 27, 2011

out of my mind.

No matter how much I want it or how bad I try, I can't seem to get you out of my mind. Last night I had a dream. Just a little blip, I guess. Just a thought. You said hello to me. It was a dream though.
I hate you for what you did to me. I hate you for the things you said. I hate that I always felt guilty.
I hate that your kisses still haunt me. That I still crave the way you looked into my eyes. You loved me. You did. I loved you too. Sometimes love is just a beautiful idea. It stirs up all kinds of emotions. The kind that haunt your love and make it shaky. We weren't ready to find each other. Or else, baby, things wouldn't be this way. We would still be wrapped up in each other's arms and making sparkly plans to be together forever. It could have been US. We just weren't ready. I don't care how much you put this on me. In a way, you are probably right. I couldn't deal with all the bullshit. I have enough of my own...
Don't get me wrong, even with all of these feelings, I cannot stand the thought of us getting back together. Not after what has happened, no. That thought makes me feel uneasy. I can't help but think about the good times even when they are tainted with harsh words and horrible actions. My mind can't stop wandering to the memories. The taste of your lips on mine. The sound of your voice whispering in my ear. The almost perfect feeling of you wrapping your arms around me... Just almost perfect. There was always a little something. Something standing in between us. Something neither of us could talk about.
I'm out of my mind, but you are stuck inside. Please, get out.

~miss Rae

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I love it...

Sitting here in the middle of the night, I have come to the conclusion that...
it is a time for some serious reflection!
So many thoughts are racing around my head. Thoughts that are scary, thoughts that are sad, thoughts that are happy, thoughts that excite me... you get it. Lot's of thoughts. 
I think I need to focus on positive things. Things that I love and will always be in my memory scrapbook...
I love it...
When family is all you have
and it's okay, because they just get it.
I love it...
When "girl time" means "facial time"
I love it...
When being bored in college is okay
because you find ways to entertain yourself.
I love it...
When you know the party is a success,
because the birthday boy is passed out
exactly where he landed.
I love it...
When you get to kiss on a Ferris wheel.
I love it...
When you get invited to go on adventures with friends.
 I love it...
When people take kissing photos
that make other people feel weird.
I love it...
When baby gets to drive.
 and I even love it...
When you look out your window and find
a pick-up truck full of sheep.

I have a lot to be thankful for. A lot of priceless memories. I could go on forever, adding photos to this list. I love life, I know that one day everything will be sweet again. For now, I guess I'll save my tears. I have used quite enough.

~miss Rae