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"If they love your work that is always great. If they despise it, it is also a compliment... At least they felt something! Make them feel it." ~Anna Jorgenson

Thursday, June 21, 2012

the good old days

Back in the day, life was so simple. 
               Let's take a walk.
I went to Bruner Elementary School. Located in North Las Vegas, around the corner from Cheyenne High School, if you know where that is. Going to school was always fun and recess was never long enough. We would play Red-Rover until we got busted by a teacher because some dumb kid always got hurt. I played double dutch, which automatically made me cool. I was a Peer Mediator... and then one day I had to be "mediated." The girl deserved it, I swear.
In fourth grade, my teacher was Mrs. Bromley-Norwood. When I was in her class, it was her first year teaching in Las Vegas. She was fresh out of New York, and she never let us forget it. She tried to tell us that we said "Nevada" wrong... She pronounced it like (Ne-vod-a)... She was wrong. That was the year the Twin Towers went down. I will never forget that day. No recess. And we watched the news all day. I don't remember Mrs. Bromley Norwood speaking a single word. She drove straight to New York the next day. We had substitutes for two weeks and every single one of them was mean.
Back in the day, to be a big fifth grader was to be school royalty. People just did things for you. You were respected. Especially if you were in Mrs. Herold's class. She was my teacher. And she was the absolute best. I don't know where she is, these days. I wish I did, so she could see the woman I have become. I learned so much from her. 

it's been a minute...

It has been a minute since my thoughts last rested here. Life is finally showing some promise! I am transferring within my job to another location, getting out of this two step town. I'm getting my life in order, with a man to kiss me at my side. It's comforting, you know? To have a person there to catch you if you fall... Kind of like the game called "trust", I hope he'll stay behind me. It's a love thing.
I need some assistance, I'm taking a few leaps. I've entered the Mary Kay business and plan on being amazing at it! That is the plan.
I'm ready! Ready for this chapter. For the past little bit, my bipolar mind has been so restless. So emotional. So in need of something more. Well kids, grown ups make things happen. You can't just wait for someone to grab your hand and tell you that you could be more than you are. At this point, I am the grown up. And now all of the big hands have let me go. That is what they do. They let you go and expect your mature wings to take flight and travel across new horizons, see incredible things, and make something of what they gave you. It's my time to fly.
This week will be an adventure in itself. One little event and my life with be utterly changed. I could not be more excited!

thanks for listening.

And so it is...
~miss Rae