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Friday, October 28, 2011

She lives again!

Hello world. I'm back.
I left here for a bit, mostly because I started school and got out of the habit... But I would just like to say that I have missed you so much! Missed writing, anyway. Not exactly sure if anyone actually reads this.
So right at this moment, I am making brown rice. Hopefully it turns out okay, because if not, this starving college student is going to be a little bit starving-errr!
I'm pretty stoked about this brown rice thing. approximately 26 minutes to go!
So, World, I know how anxious you have been to hear a story. (pretend to be anxious)
Once upon a time, this one girl fell in love with a boy whom we will call Pablo. Yes this is a story about me, and no, the boy's name isn't actually Pablo. But it sounds nice, right?
Well, Pablo was great. and they were happy. Until one day, Pablo messed up. BIG TIME.
But the girl was in love with him. Even though he liked Sci-Fi. Even though he was kind of socially weird. And even though he tended to dig his holes very very deep and was difficult to deal with like a small ginger child who won't stop asking for candy... He loved her. He showed it. Aaaand... He was an amazing kisser.
So she decided to give him one more chance to prove that he can be a man. But she was not going to just dive back into a relationship with him and risk getting re-broken...
As for now, my zebra duct taping skills are fast at work, holding my heart and car window together...
All my love! to You and yours.
~miss Rae

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