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Monday, December 26, 2011

Topic Please?

I wish I was an expert in a field that a lot of people are interested in. I suppose I am pretty good at a lot of things, but I'm not really interested in the things I am already good at. I need a new hobby. I need a gym membership. I need to lose about a thousand pounds... Just kidding. Only like 40, but STILL! That's a lot. 
So I am pondering, World. I am pondering about resolutions. I guess it is about that time of year again. 

Possible things that will make my resolution list:

  • Get a Job. (like really)
  • Let my hair GROW
  • Lose 40 pounds. (I wouldn't be upset if I even lost more than that. but whatevs.)
  • Save for a new car
  • Get new apartment (Need Job for this and the car...)
  • Tanning pass
  • Gym membership (use it)
  • Get Cedar shit taken care of by March
I guess that is all I have for right now.. More to come though! 

~miss Rae

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