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Friday, April 22, 2011


Who do the cops think they are? I mean really. I have never been pulled over for speeding, or not driving safe, or running stop signs, or anything pull over worthy! What do I, Josie Rae, get pulled over for? Oh, I get pulled over for my window tint being "too dark." Um, okay, Utah! Where do they come up with this stuff. "Oh, I'm sorry, officer! I didn't realize that my windows were too dark for you to see into.  I didn't realize that you needed to see into my vehicle at all times... oh wait. Now I understand. You want to be able to "see" into my vehicle to make sure I'm not breaking any laws. I forgot that you were trained to be an expert window peeker to make sure my fish bowl is buckled in. I forgot that you have a quota to meet because there are far too many cops for this tiny town..."
I am very bitter about this, you see. Turns out the state of Utah has some sort of law against window tint. Oh, but don't worry, only on the front windows. Uh, what?! You mean not only do I have to SCRAPE my windows, but I only have to scrape half my car? Why don't I just get a new custom paint job while I'm at it. Get a nice stencil of "I look retarded" across the hood. Oh wait, no need, because half of my car will be tinted and the other half wont. People will just already know. Awesome.
I love you, Utah law. Even though you are crazy and don't make any sense at all?

I obviously need a diet coke.
~ miss Rae

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