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Monday, April 25, 2011

speak. and then think.

"It's called filtering, Joz!" ~Dad & Mom
What does that even mean? World, I have no filter. It gets me into trouble, but it also is a wonderful gift which, if used carefully, gets me far. So many opportunities have come around because I couldn't keep my mouth shut. On the other hand, many blonde moments, inside jokes, and humiliation has come from my inability to think before I speak. Enjoy (:

I have some cousins. A few years ago, we went and spent spring break in Flagstaff, Arizona, where some more cousins live. On the way home, we stopped at some kind of restaurant thing on a buffalo farm to use the facilities. We always have to stop for the facilities when we go anywhere with our mothers and aunts. I now realize that this is a hereditary trait. We all have to stop now days. Anyway, back to my story. We stopped at this restaurant. Me, my grandmother, and my cousins Laura and Andrea stayed in the car for this stop. In the window there was a picture of some sort of burger with the words "Best Buffalo Burgers!" Laura turns to me and says, "Buffalo burgers?! I wonder if those would be good." So I said, without thinking, of course, "Laura, I bet they would be. I've had buffalo wings and those are good!"
Silence. Pure silence.
But not for long. After about five seconds, everyone in the car, my grandmother included, was filled with this insane, out of control laughter! ... oh except for me. Don't worry, I caught on to what they were all laughing after a minute. Family loves you, no matter how dumb you are. It's a beautiful thing.

~miss Rae

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  1. haha is this what you typed on my butt? i like it haha