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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let me just add...

Okay, I am just going to add to the Bambi thing, here.
I would say that after I say what I want to say, I will be done with this topic, but that is probably not so. Just a warning...
So, bunny bashing... I didn't really get it all out of my system, like I like to do. HAHA
When I speak about this with people, "They" (usually a basher in disguise) will say to me, "Joz, its like pest control, really. There are so many bunnies. Bunny bashing is not a big deal because they would overpopulate otherwise..." This is the idiotic argument presented to me. Really? Well, okay, idiot, let's just pretend for a minute that your rationalization, your excuse for cold blooded behavior makes sense. Let's just pretend that there is no such thing as a natural order of things, no such thing as other creatures like rattlesnakes, coyotes, bob cats, hawks, and other such critter eating beasts here, in Southern Utah, who, coincidentally, enjoy hunting for live bunnies and accomplishing a kill for dinner. Just pretend that you are in charge of another living thing's fate. That it is up to you keep the balance of nature balanced...
This is my reply to you. (You, being the bashing bastards.)
In my opinion, there is an overpopulation of idiots in this world. Idiot people just keep mating like rabbits and create idiot kids who do idiot things. Therefore, it is my duty to do a little "pest control," right? Just bash the idiots over the head. Right after they scream bloody murder, right?
WRONG! Of course it is NOT okay for me to do that, you sick-os!
I hope that puts it into perspective, though... If there truly was a bunny problem. I feel like there would be a job created to take care of it. Heaven knows people need jobs these days. Not just a bunch of juiced up, perverted guys, and their equally nasty girls who are too feather-headed to stand up to those schmucks in fear of not appearing "laid back." Ladies, it's not cute. And if you actually like going on adventures like this, adventures with your boys to go kill furry things instead of going and having some real fun...? Sometimes I like to go on a nice hike, stargazing, out to dinner, maybe go to a shelter and help cute bunnies find homes with my boy... I dunno, that's just me. If those things don't appeal to you, then, I suppose, you are as perverted as the juiced up idiots, only worse. Women are naturally nurturing... You are going against nature. Therefore, you are actually putting on an act. Girls, your act makes you appear to be super easy, extra trashy, and way yummy with those bunny guts on your sneakers. Which I guess that's okay if you are, in fact, all of those things.
Have we become completely desensitized, people? Well, God bless.

And now, for your viewing pleasure... BUNNIES! and other things.

awww! cute! a bunny...

AWW!! CUTE! another bunny...

Aww! not quite as fluffy, but still cute! This a a jack rabbit.
Found in Hurricane, Utah and surrounding areas.
Being bashed.
By idiots.

"Hi! I am a coyote. I like to eat overpopulating bunnies!"

"Hi! I'm a bobcat... I also like to hunt overpopulating bunnies."

"Sup. I'm a hawk. I like to chase bunnies, too."

"Hey, we can't talk because we were violently killed."

Okay. There it is. My shhpeel, my angst, in writing, toward certain bunny bashers whom I have both been acquainted with, invited to go one these adventures with and were furiously turned down, and those I have never met. I'm sorry. I'm super passionate.

~ miss Rae

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