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Sunday, May 1, 2011

a bit of thought

It has occurred to me, World, that perhaps nature, as in the outside world, plants, mountains, desert, etc., really is where it's at!
Well, what is this "it" she is talking about?
When I say "it" I mean all of it. The whole thing. It is great to go to church and devote such and such time to one thing or being. On the other hand, if the only reason one is attending such services is to get approval from ones family or social circle, well, then that isn't right at all!

I am a believer in many things.

Yesterday, Tresa Cory and I went on an adventure. The name of this adventure is called, Let's go hike Kanaraville Falls, since all that water we will be walking through is fresh snow run-off and we may freeze to death! YEAH! So that is what we did. We went for a hike.
Hikes are magical. At the beginning of any hike (if you have not hiked in a while, that is), you get that out of breath feeling, that holy shit I need a break feeling. The trick is to  NOT STOP when you get that feeling, but instead, slow down and focus on your breathing. Pretty soon you are completely over it and marching along up the hill like nobody's business.
On this particular hike, one is required to get their feet wet... and their knees... and their thighs... and if you are vertically challenged like moi, you get wet other places too.. and frozen. BUT it's so worth it! besides, if we were to hike this very same area in about a month, we would not be frozen nor get quite as wet. It's all about timing. Anyway. As we were hiking along, I was in the lead because I had experience on this particular trail, Tresa was a virgin to it. Plus, I like being in front, I don't know why. It is the same when I am driving. I hate being behind people...
As I walked along, I looked around at everything. Just thinking, walking, listening to the sounds, and trying to take in and remember every breathtaking detail of the piece of earth around me.  It really was breathtaking. My thoughts began to jump from memories of the last time I had been there, to random moments and pictures in my brain, to deeper thoughts that I could not control. And then "it" happened. The thought that spoke so loudly, it yelled directly at my heart. The thought said, "If this place, this ONE area on the planet could be so beautiful, so incredibly perfect, photographs of the highest quality wouldn't be able to do it justice, the best of the best artist could never recreate it, not quite, not even close... "IT" is here. "IT" is what every person searching longs to find. "IT" is inside every person! Sometimes "it" can be found in a church, cathedral, masque, temple, brothel, home... But I think, as long as "it" is inside of you, inside of me, Josie Rae, that is what matters."
I found it in a place untouched by opinion, or rules, judgment, or tradition. I found it in pure nature made by the greatest artist of all.

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