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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

oh the thoughts at 2:30 AM

      Today was... eventful...
It began with my recently acquired routine of sleeping in until noon. You see, this week is finals week. Thankfully a majority of my finals were taken in class last week. This week, I only have two finals. One on Wednesday and one on Thursday! La-Tee-freakin-Daa! Anyway, I have been sleeping all morning, as I am awake all night. I was woken up (is woken a word?) by Miss Tresa Cory, my personal alarm clock. She informed me that it was a beautiful warm day and that we need to get our tan on. I agreed, rolled out of bed, let some sun shine into my room, and hopped into the shower to wake me up. As a normal college student, I have been driving on empty for about
the past week. Well World? Today was the day. Today, after we "got our tan on," my car ran out of gas. Mind you, and of course, the nearest gas station was in view! Right across the street, in fact. So, picture this, if you will. Two college girls in bikinis and little summer dresses pushing a little beat up car in the dirt. Thank heaven for small hills! We both ran and jumped in. A complete Little Miss Sunshine moment... Too bad there was one large road between us and our goal, the gas station. One large, busy road. World? Things always get busy when you need to get through. Just letting you know so you aren't too terribly surprised when this happens. So, this time, Miss Cory had to jump out and push by herself, I had to stay in and steer. A nice trucker man was nice enough to wait and let us go across instead of making a hasty left turn out of the gas station. He waved and may or may not have whistled... I try not to think too terribly hard about things like that. Anyway, that little adventure began my day. It was fantastic! Oh except that I put a whole 30 bucks in my tank and it only filled it up a little past the half way mark... That USED to fill me up completely. Gas prices these days... Faggots. 
My cleavage is sun burnt. Yay. Every girl's dream.
This Thursday I am to move out of my current dorm room, which became my home. And move back to the family's house for the summer. It is a bitter-sweet feeling, World. I'm super excited to be getting back to sunny southern Utah, but I am sad to be leaving. In the fall we will all come back together, though, hopefully.

Does anyone read this?

I always hear trains at night. I see the tracks during the day, but I followed them once and they led to a dead end.... But I always hear these trains at night. Maybe I followed the wrong tracks.

Well, I have an English final in a few hours. Perhaps I will fall asleep soon. Good night!

~ miss Rae

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