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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Screw me once, shame on you!

Dear State Bank of Southern Utah,
     You suck.
                      Regrettably yours,  
                                     miss Rae

What are the odds that a young college student like me would win a court case against a lousy state bank? Sadly, probably slim. There is no such thing as justice anymore. The big guys always win. I am SICK OF IT!
It all started with one mistake. A mistake made by the bank, mind you. A mistake that I , that's right, I have to pay for? Yep. To the tune of five hundred dollars. I tried being civil. I tried being a smart ass. Both of which were squashed by the big man. Like holy crap, dude, you are a STATE BANK! Not even! Only in the BOTTOM HALF OF THE DAMN STATE!
I have played your little game long enough. It is time for me to stand up for what's right! Nothing about this "mistake" was my fault, nor should a nineteen year old girl who completely relies on the government for her education, have to pay for it! Your piece of crap bank is insured for a reason. So stop. STOP sending me notices. STOP being a greedy little twat and take some responsibility!

I'm angry, World. Seething! This whole "kicking the habit" thing is really not looking so appealing right this second. Like yeah, I know it is horrible, but at a time like this, I promise, it doesn't feel that way. Sorry. Don't worry, I won't give in. I'm just saying...

If you happen to work for this bank, or know someone who does, I am just being honest.

~ miss Rae

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