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Saturday, May 14, 2011

What does that even mean?

an eye for an eye.
An eye for an eye... A tooth for a bloody tooth... As in, if someone crashes their car into mine, it is my right to total their new BMW? I'd say no. People may or may not ever get what they "deserve," if there is such a thing. Who am I to say how a person should or should not be punished? I am nobody.
forgive and forget.
A beautiful thought. But is it realistic? Of course it is in the case of a small argument, or spilled milk. What if, though, it is impossible. I have heard of people who have gone through terrible things. There was a couple who had a small child who was raped and murdered by a disgusting scum of the earth. At a hearing, they told the man that they forgave him! I find even the thought impossible. They may have found forgiveness in their hearts, but I know for a fact they will never forget the man, what he did, who he stole from them...
Sometimes, for me, it is very difficult to forgive the littlest of things. Though, my heart is currently fighting a war within itself. A war between love and forgiveness. I find myself neither able to forgive or forget, but still feel a great deal of love. At least I think it is love. Definitely not lust.
Perhaps it is best not to forget. That is what I have decided. Peace and love! But, we must not ever ever forget. It is our experiences that make us stronger, right?

~ miss Rae

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